Friday, July 19, 2013

Keltrius's world!

Here are some sketches from the series "Keltrius" with friends and up coming enemies down the road.  


For more on the new series, "Keltrius and the Armor of God" and "Keltrius and the Armor of God:Leon's story" You can go to Click here

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Keltrius and the Armor of God: Leon's story!

       In this next installment in the the Keltrius series is a prequel that tells, a story about an Angel who came down from heaven to protect a young woman and her unborn against the devil army. The angel named is Leon, he travel with another angel named John who is from the first book of the Keltrius series.
   The young woman named Anita and her parents named Norman and Hattie Walker Keltrius future grandparents. As a successful Norman commits one of the greatest sins from the 10 Commandments. Which damages his marriage with Hattie and destroyed one family that leads a father down a destructive path. When Leon finds Anita the two of them develop chemistry over time as they falls in love.
   Leon's greatest adversary threatens to destroy his first love on earth to stop the promise child that God has created for his people in this falling world. He has to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect her and her child in the name of love and honor. "My son live, you died." A quote from Leon from the book.
  Through this dark Christian fiction fantasy world with two Angels that shines the city of Los Angeles with their light. Leon's story promise to deliver action, romance and sacrifice and the most important thing love. How far would you go to protect your loved one's from the Devils Army?
     "Please give me any feedback on your thoughts about this next installment of the Keltrius series"

Keltrius and the Armor of God: Leon's story will be available this July on

Also check out Keltrius and the Armor of God. The book that started young Keltrius journey as God's Champion for his people.                      
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Friday, July 5, 2013

All of God's Champions are Ready For Battle!

Keltrius and the Armor of God is just the beginning
Coming Soon, Keltrius and the Armor of God:Leon's story