Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Keltrius episode one, The break in!

   A young married couple was laying in the watching the news. The news reporter was telling everybody at home to be careful to lock your doors, because there was a lot of break-ins lately. The young couple decided to cut the TV off and go to sleep. Few hour later, there window blinds open up on their own. The couple was in a deep sleep and, didn't notice anything. Then suddenly the blinds close with a man standing over the couple with a evil grin on his face.

The next day Keltrius was at school, he overheard his friends was talking about the latest murder. They were saying, that a young couple was murdered in their home last night. Keltrius approaches one of his friends, and asks did the police catch the murderer? No they didn't Keltrius. They say there was no forced entry in the home, it's like the man just reappear and disappear when he was finished killing. Keltrius stands there with a a puzzling look on his face.  So later that night Keltrius transform into his spiritual armor and took to the skies. He flies to the last home was broken into by this mystery man. He dive down to the ground like a bird and land on his feet. He enters the home cutting through the police tape. He use his spiritual eyes to scan the room for anything out of the ordinary. He moved towards the window blinds and notice there was a evil presence there.

   Then suddenly the evil man appears behind Keltrius.  Keltrius turned around immediately with this sword in hand. He looks at the man with his spiritual eyes, and realize this man, is a demon. The demon tells Keltrius you will never stop us, God's Champion. Keltrius tries to immediately slice the demon with this sword, but the demon managed to disappear in time. The demon laughs throughout the home at Keltrius, saying I got to go Champion. Perhaps we will meet again at another crime scene I'm about to commit, and just like that the demon was gone. Keltrius flew out the home and was flying towards the skies. The next day in school Keltrius stop by his history teacher's classroom, John Holiday his Guardian Angel. He tell John there's a demon using his powers to break in homes to kill innocent people. John looks at him and say, it looked like you and me is about to go hunting tonight. Keltrius motion his head with a smile.

                                                               To be continued

                          The conclusion will continue on Friday, so tell me what you think.

                                 Stay blessed brothers and sisters and always roll with faith

Monday, April 29, 2013

Facing our giant's!

   Some of us wake's up every day and satisfy in our lives for the small accomplishments we made for ourselves.  "A get by life"  Have we all answer our calling in life? Have we all achieve our hopes and dreams? We wake up every day and get ready for work. We work 9 to 5 serving our bosses to keep our bosses satisfied of our performance. There's nothing wrong serving our bosses trying to make a living for our families.  But I notice one thing about myself, I really didn't put much energy on serving God, like I did with my boss.  Half of my adult hood, I always been a hard worker, showing up at work on time coming in with a positive attitude.

   But one day I realized I'm not just a worker for somebody company, I'm much more than that. I am a child of God. Yeah there are some of us who does love like their jobs, and some of those who hate these jobs trying to pay the bills but there's not enough money to do so.  The one thing I realized, that God gave us all a gift to use to help uplift others. But there times that we think we can make it with a brilliant idea, or with our God-given talents.  The problem is we limited God abilities to work in our lives.  Saying to ourselves, I don't think I can do it, that too much of a risk. We failed to realize at times that God is the creator of everything.  If God can move mountains and the heavens, what make you think he can't move anything in your life? God showed us what he can do in the natural with David.  He used a shepherd boy to take down Goliath with a rock, and soon afterwards that shepherd boy became king. What I'm saying today brothers and sisters, your Giants in your life can be defeated By God. And all you have to do is to believe in him, and have confidence in yourself. And don't be afraid to use your gifts that he planted in you. Once you realize that God is with you, nothing can't stop you.

     So stay blessed brothers and sisters, and always roll with faith.       

Monday, April 22, 2013

Marriage can be tough!

  There may be times that you feel that you want to throw in the towel.  Marriage yes,can be tough at times especially when dealing with another persons personality and how they do things.  In the beginning you would find yourself not being able to stay away from the person you loved. It was new,exciting and it seemed that you both were on your best behaviors. Giving each other love notes and saying to yourself, wow I hit the lottery.  Looking into their eyes thinking to yourself this the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, then here come the rings, the ceromony and the marriage. The moment you say I do you become one with the Lord, not with the world this is where it gets interesting.

   The world tries to mold what the meaning of marriage is to be by their standards. Having you believe that it's what you see on television with all these reality shows having marriages protrayed as  a game, not something to be taken seriously. Having you think that what you have is yours and what is hers is hers; when in reality it all belongs to God!  Having you believe that marriage is a terrible thing to do and if it doesn't work you can just get a divorce and move on to the next. It seems that there are more divorces then marriages today. And that's because they don't know the true meaning of marriage.

Today to many people are getting married at young ages for the all the wrong reasons, thinking that they are in love without truley understanding what love is wanting the fairy tale (wedding) and divorcing for all the wrong reasons as well, without even trying to work it out with the Lord's help. Marriage is a covenant with God, a three stranded cord. Yes, marriage can be tough at times believe me, I know!  I quickly realized that I am in a agreement with Jesus Christ and that my wife and I are a team with God.  That's the main reason why my marriage is a success. So, if you are going through a rough time in your marriage pray and give it to Jesus, and remember God favors marriage.

Stay blessed brothers and sisters and always roll with faith! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm not perfect!

   I'm not perfect. I am a working progress sometimes I have to tell myself that. Society and sometimes religion have us thinking this way and that way.

  Society judge you on how you look and what you have and who you are about. Religion have us thinking we need to be perfect. If you don't go to church God will not listen to your prayers, or you're not serving the Lord. The world sometimes can be very hard on us when we make mistakes. But with God when we make mistakes with him he view them different than we do. That's because he already knew before we do. 

  He is more forgiving than the world when we mess up.  Like for example King David he committed adultery but still was in God's favor.  He went through some struggles but God forgave him.  Look at Moses 'God' used him to free the slaves from Egypt after killing a man in anger. If that wasn't enough God has sent his only son to save us from our sin. So when you make a mistake and think that God will not bless you 'think again'.  He knows that we not perfect but he doesn't love us less, in fact he love us more. So dust yourself off in prayer and say to yourself I am the child of the most high. Once you realize that it doesn't matter what the world think of you or the mistakes you may have cause. 'Who care.'  What really matters that God forgives you and continue loving you and showering you with his grace.  I'm not saying go out there and commit any more sin on yourself, what I'm trying to say when you do, asked for forgiveness. And just put it behind you because Jesus did when you gave it to him.  So brothers and sisters don't let nobody make you feel guilty, just tell them I'm not perfect but I am a working progress.  I am in God's favor.

 Stay blessed and always roll with faith. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My journeys!

   It seems to me that every time we move forward there always something to stop us to get ahead. Why is that? Simple the enemy.

   When you get close to your destiny he always tried to redirect you. He tried to use your weakness against you. Why he is always attacking me? You say. The answer to those questions. Because you are walking with God. The enemy don't want you to excel in God's kingdom. So he will stop you at all cost, but he doesn't realize that you have Jesus on your side. Every time the enemy tried to attack, Jesus stands in front to block him. Giving you a chance to excel with God's plans for you. So keep in mind that Jesus got your back. So you can move forward in your journeys for a better life. Don't give up brothers and sisters and always remember to roll with faith.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Strength for the day

     It seems like there is not enough hours in the day. We get up go to work for lease 10 to 12 hours a day and struggle to pay the bills. Oh and not to mention those annoying bill collectors.
But there is a blessing in disguise.

  Every time we wake up that's another day that the Lord give us to do something good. When I think about those type of things I realize I have a purpose here. So brothers and sisters don't let the day beat you up. Don't let the stress of your job bring you down. You are much more stronger than you think. So let the Holy Spirit guide you in strength and always roll with God. So stay blessed my brothers and sisters.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Who's responsible?

   Lately I've been watching the news seeing a lot of murders of teenagers and even a six-month-old baby due to gang violence. It's a shame when you cut on your TV and hear about a 19-year-old killing a 15-year-old girl who was just standing in the park with her friends to gang violence. That's sad to me. So the question is who is responsible for these violent acts? I'm afraid to say but us.

   Every time we hear about violence in the city we always say the devil is out.  We give him the power to influence over our youth with the music on the radio and some of these sinful TV programs on regular television.  Sometimes we think It's cute when we allow them to watch some of these inappropriate programs with us.  The world is moving fast with social media and with smart phones. Now even 10-year-old kids are walking around with them learning about things they shouldn't know at a young age.  Our today's youth think it's cool to take pictures of themselves showing off their body parts to others and think it's funny until something happens where the police have to get involved.

  Some of us think our children are mature enough to handle adult responsibilities. I personally have seen teenagers running the household and the parents and that's a shame. The devil's goal is to steal, kill and destroy. Some of our youth are not aware that they are in a spiritual warfare and the devil is using them to do his work. So the people of faith grab hold of your children and teach them about sin. Encourage the church to step out from behind their walls and reach the community and help encourage the youth. Keep them out of violence in the streets and help make a change. If you don't some of our children will continue to glorify sin like it's a trend, and there go's our future.  So stay bless brothers and sisters and always roll with faith. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Keltrius and the armor of God

Another concept drawing of Keltrius in his Armor!

Keltrius and the armor of God

     Here a sample of my self published book of Keltrius and the armor of God. I hope you guys like it and please give me some feedback.  The revised version will be out hopefully by the end of spring. Enjoy

   The world is in a bad place; people are losing their jobs, homes and the most important thing their faith in God. That's why in time of need God will send his Angels to help a young man develop his supernatural gifts to restore faith in the world. A woman named Anita R. Robinson 'Keltrius' mother. She will deliver him into the world not realizing that God has a plan for him. Young Keltrius will be tested through his journeys. A under covered Angel named John Holiday will help Keltrius to develop his spiritual armor, the armor of God.

   His story begins with his friend name Jimmy T Johnson, nickname 'Tank.'  One day Keltrius and Tank went to go visit their friend name Kevin Norton, a troubled youth. When they arrived to his house they heard some commotion from inside the house.  So Tank ran onto the porch and was peeking through the window being nosy. He could see Kevin's mom laying on the floor crying. Tank signal Keltrius to come here.  Keltrius was a little hesitant.  He shakes his head and look up to the sky and say I shouldn't be doing this.  Keltrius steps on the porch with Tank and was peeking through the window with him. They see Kevin's dad walking through the house drunk and yelling at Kevin's mom.  'Get up' stupid woman and fix me something to eat.  She struggles to get up but she wasn't fast enough for her husband.  He got very angry and kick her saying get up stupid. Kevin was in the corner witness all of this. 

   So a young Kevin decided to attack his father for hurting his mother.  His father managed to grabbed him in time and threw him against the wall.  Keltrius and Tank was in shock to see all of this.  As Kevin's dad approaches him, he tells him you are nothing boy you just another mouth to feed.   A frightened Kevin see his father get closer to him with fear trembling through his body.  Suddenly out of nowhere his mother jumps on his dad's back telling him to leave Kevin alone.  Kevin took the opportunity to escape from his father's clutches. Kevin dad got angry and threw his mother to the floor.  He see Kevin running pass him heading for the front door. He spotted Keltrius and Tank peeking through his windows.  He got very upset when he saw them and say I have some rats on my porch.  He quickly run to the other room to get his shotgun.  At the same time Kevin mom was on her knees praying for God to intervene.  When Kevin finally makes it outside he tell Keltrius and Tank we got to go now...   All three boys were running down the street.   Kevin's dad steps out on the porch drunk with his shotgun in hand shooting in the air.  That's right you run like a rat. You stay in the streets with your trashy friend's, do you hear my boy? You will never amount to nothing.  You just like your mother boy!  While the boys are halfway down the street hearing Kevin's dad yelling. Tank ask what's the deal with your dad? Kevin responded with hatred in his eyes, when he drinks he becomes a jerk. One of these day's I'm going to kill him.  When he said that Keltrius felt some negative energy coming from Kevin. It felt like a evil presence was by. When he looked over at Kevin he noticed his eyes were dark and empty.  

    Thank you for reading a sample of Keltrius and the armor of God.    
Tell me what you think of this superhero for Christ.  

Stay blessed brothers and sisters and always roll with faith.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Making history!

   This message is for people who wants to represent Christ by creating new ideals with music, books movies, and TV shows.

   I encourage brothers and sisters to help each other out and me to bring God's kingdom more forward into the world. There is not enough of us out there to show the world what God's people can really do. There are fan of the faith are looking for new ideals and different concepts and more music that glorifies God's name. If they are people who have great influence and willing to help God's people who want to bring these great ideals out to the world. Like for example the history Channel with the Bible. Contact them on their blogs or on their social media accounts. My goal is to bring my spiritual superhero to the big screen. So what is your goal as God's people? Stay blessed brothers and sisters and always roll with faith. 

So let's make history!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fear why do we let it stop us?

    Why do we let fear stop us achieving our dreams. I don't know one day somebody asked me that. The only thing I could think of was we don't have enough faith in ourselves.
But the funny thing about fear is that we give it power over us when we are in an crisis or making a big decision. Sometimes I have to tell myself that God is in control and fear is not option for me. So  stay bless brother and sister and always roll with faith.