Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Three Strand Cord

There are alot of people in the world that get married, but do people really understand what marriage means?  I've recently learned about the three strand cord (Ecclesiastes 4:12), it consists of a spiritual union between God and the married couple.

God represents the gold cord, husband is the purple cord and the wife represents the white cord and what this means is that the three of them are one; with God as the center which means that all three of you are married! And with knowing this we should strive to have the best possible marriage and love one another unconditionally.  Men never leave your partner behind because God would never leave you.

If your looking for a really good movie about this very subject I recommend Fireproof ! And always remember that God our father honors marriage.

God bless you both!

The color RED

The world is a hard place to live in especially when the economy is this bad and seems to be getting worse.

People are struggling to maintain their lives, what makes it even worse is that racism in some form or another still exists.  No matter what color we are we all bleed the same RED! When Christ died on the cross for each and every one of us, what color was his blood?  RED!

Why is it that some people still look down on other races and treat them like dirt when in reality we're all in the same boat, broke!!!!  No one is better than anyone we're all the same RED. So lets do like Christ commanded us and LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Keltrius and the Armor of God

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dad the superhero, where are you?

Times have changed and no longer is dad the head of the family!  When we were little kids we looked at our dad as the strongest family member.  We looked at him as the protector and when we got into trouble mom would go and tell him.   When dad would say he wanted to see you; you knew it wasn't good.  He would try teach us the important things in life, that's if you had a real father.
 Little girls looked at their dads and saw him as their protector and the man in their life.  Little boys looked at their dad and saw him as their superhero and wanted to be like him when they grew up.  Of course that was the old days, in today's world there are to few fathers in their kids lives.  Maybe it's because some of the dads of this generation are young men even teenagers . Therefore, the parents of these teens are forced to become grandparents and parents.  In some households the mother is forced to take on two rolls and she does the best that she can but boys need a father to learn how to be a man and girls need a father to protect them from the wrong man. 

Unfortunately their are some kids who don't see their father's at all, ever!  When we become adults ourselves we remember the wisdom that our dads taught us.  We should all honor our dads he may not be perfect but he taught you something and he loves you. Honor him even if he's gone home to be with the lord he's still looking out for you.  If you don't have a dad I know one you have for sure and his name is GOD!  He's the one who wakes you up in the morning, he's the one that holds you when you're down and he is Jesus Christs dad as well.  He's the one that teaches you wisdom through his
word; the Bible. So honor your dad this father's day and remember GOD is the father of all fathers.

 A Father's Father

"Father to the fatherless,
defender of widows -
this is God,
whose dwelling is holy.
God places the lonely in families;
He sets the prisoners free
and gives them joy.
But He makes the rebellious
live in a sun-scorched land

Psalm 68:5-6

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The gift

Why are there so many people in the world that have God given gifts or talents and scared to use them?

Why not just use them and go for it, whatever it is that your good at and makes you happy. If you think about it you don't have anything to lose but if you don't try you might have regret. God wants us to step out of our comfort zones so he can show us how great his glory is. He wants us to know that he's got our back and will guide us if we would only let him. If you do try and fail don't give up because God will allow a YES door to open in his time. He only wants us to try and trust in him.
but if we don't try we may never know the glory that he has for each of us or where we will be led in life. We will just be stuck working for somebody for the rest of our lives struggling trying to make it through this rough economy. This is not the design that he had for us, he never intended for us to struggle all of our lives (Jeremiah 29:11)  So use your gifts brothers and sisters because I'm doing so right now. I will one day very soon be having my superhero for Christ introduced to the world and I will not let fear stop me!!

With God all things are possible ( Matthew 19:26)  

The women part 1

God created women to be a helpmate for man, (Genesis 2:18) but there are some men in the world that abuse women.

 As brothers we must show our women that we love them too like we love our lord and savior. The woman is the one that holds the family together she's the nurture.  She works hard to maintain the household, family and also hold down a 9 to 5.  She's somebodies wife, mother, daughter or sister.  God made her to be beautiful and strong she's the one that carries the baby and endures the many hours of pain during labor. Now and days it seems that the world is tearing down our women. Society has made it acceptable for our women and girls to be put on display from  TV shows, movies, music and videos.  How are our young girls supposed to learn the correct value's when a majority of what they see and hear are degrading to women and sometimes it's from their own households. Being called vulgar names by entertainers in music,from men, and even by women themselves out on the street and in the schools. or maybe at work. As people of faith we need to stand up and defend our women and girls.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Is the spiritual marriage dead?

In today's society marriage is not as serious like it was in the 50s or even in the 60s...

There are too many marriages ending up in divorce and there are too many people getting married for the wrong reasons.  When they get married some don't have the patience to work on their disagreements like the people did in the 50s.  So their marriages fail in divorce.  I believe because our generation is moving so fast that we don't have any time to work on our marriages and that's why I think we need to go back to basics, the bible! We forget what marriage is supposed to be all about; the three strand cord God, husband and wife. (Ecclesiastes 4:12)
Marriage is like a business and you both are the CEO's and GOD is the chairmen.  The goal is to rise to the top if you can accomplish that and keep God first in your marriage you will have more out of life then you can imagine so make time for God and each other so you can have a 30 year plus marriage!

Stay blessed!  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Being saved!

It seems to me that some women enjoy going to church more than some men do.

The reason I 'm saying this is because of what I have observed in my own experiences attending church services. I would have to say that it looks like most of the time it's women and children in services and just a few men.
Why is that?  Is it because now a days the nuclear family as we once knew it is now non existent. Meaning that there are to few father's at home and not present.......due to prison, streets or just down right not caring!! Also there's fact that our young adults are not exercising there true God given gifts, instead they stray away form home because of no true father or head of household as the Bible would have it Ephesians chapters 5 and 6.

So they wind up going down the wrong path and then they find themselves becoming parents dropping out of school or joining gangs.  I believe it's because there's no spiritual headship in some homes and therefore since mothers are at home more with the children they would be quicker to except Christ before men..................

Who do you think women or men?   

Who is your favorite superhero?

Whether it's a fictional or a non-fictional superhero, everyone at least has one. Me being a Christian mine happens to be Jesus because he is our Lord and Savior. He died for me and you to have eternal life in the kingdom of God. Because of Jesus he inspired me to create my own superhero under Christ.

That being said, to me Jesus is a non-fictional character. Now, it can be a fictional character like Superman or Batman; my second favorite fictional superhero is Iron man. I like him because he's not conventional he is a industrialist, ingenious engineer and often sarcastic. Iron man has a suit of armor like the armor of God in Ephesians 6:11 "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." But ultimately Jesus is my number 1 hero.

Tell me who's your favorite superhero!