Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A new Christian superhero!

Keltrius and the armor of God

Hello everybody this is D.L. I'm writing this post to tell you a little more about me and my goals in advancing God's kingdom with my books. In 2007 I got my life together and started walking with Christ, ever since than I now know the true meaning of love. By reading the Bible every day I grew spiritually strong in his grace. Reading about his journeys here on earth and beyond. I was so amazed what compassion he has for us for taking our sins away.  Now I know the difference between love and true love. He has shown me how to be a better man, and a better husband and father. His words speak to truth in our lives every day we wake up. His grace is so warm to our spirit, it keeps us warm even in the winter time. I noticed there wasn't any superhero that represented Christ. In today world. So I wanted to represent Christ well by making a new concept of a superhero that uses the armor of God to fight in it every day.  Keltrius and the Armor of God, my first book is out now Amazon Kindle. My book touches on the sensitive issues that many young people are going through today. Bullying,  physical abuse and teen pregnancy. Young Keltrius is learning about himself and God, the purpose God has for his life and how he will deal with his destiny. He will learn to develop his powers through the Holy Spirit with the help of an Angel. He will be tested through this entire series with loss and gain through this war against good and evil.

 Keltrius and the Armor of God is the first of many in its series that leads up to rapture. Spread the word about my new book and thank you for your support. If you like action and suspense brought together with spiritual meaning, then you will surely enjoy this true original story of a hero who was made to be God's Champion. I welcome any feedback on my concept and idea of having a Champion superhero that fights evil and darkness in the world, because we're all Champions in God's eyes. And thank you for having me to the community. Stay bless and always roll with faith!

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