Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The gift

Why are there so many people in the world that have God given gifts or talents and scared to use them?

Why not just use them and go for it, whatever it is that your good at and makes you happy. If you think about it you don't have anything to lose but if you don't try you might have regret. God wants us to step out of our comfort zones so he can show us how great his glory is. He wants us to know that he's got our back and will guide us if we would only let him. If you do try and fail don't give up because God will allow a YES door to open in his time. He only wants us to try and trust in him.
but if we don't try we may never know the glory that he has for each of us or where we will be led in life. We will just be stuck working for somebody for the rest of our lives struggling trying to make it through this rough economy. This is not the design that he had for us, he never intended for us to struggle all of our lives (Jeremiah 29:11)  So use your gifts brothers and sisters because I'm doing so right now. I will one day very soon be having my superhero for Christ introduced to the world and I will not let fear stop me!!

With God all things are possible ( Matthew 19:26)