Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Being saved!

It seems to me that some women enjoy going to church more than some men do.

The reason I 'm saying this is because of what I have observed in my own experiences attending church services. I would have to say that it looks like most of the time it's women and children in services and just a few men.
Why is that?  Is it because now a days the nuclear family as we once knew it is now non existent. Meaning that there are to few father's at home and not present.......due to prison, streets or just down right not caring!! Also there's fact that our young adults are not exercising there true God given gifts, instead they stray away form home because of no true father or head of household as the Bible would have it Ephesians chapters 5 and 6.

So they wind up going down the wrong path and then they find themselves becoming parents dropping out of school or joining gangs.  I believe it's because there's no spiritual headship in some homes and therefore since mothers are at home more with the children they would be quicker to except Christ before men..................

Who do you think women or men?