Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The women part 1

God created women to be a helpmate for man, (Genesis 2:18) but there are some men in the world that abuse women.

 As brothers we must show our women that we love them too like we love our lord and savior. The woman is the one that holds the family together she's the nurture.  She works hard to maintain the household, family and also hold down a 9 to 5.  She's somebodies wife, mother, daughter or sister.  God made her to be beautiful and strong she's the one that carries the baby and endures the many hours of pain during labor. Now and days it seems that the world is tearing down our women. Society has made it acceptable for our women and girls to be put on display from  TV shows, movies, music and videos.  How are our young girls supposed to learn the correct value's when a majority of what they see and hear are degrading to women and sometimes it's from their own households. Being called vulgar names by entertainers in music,from men, and even by women themselves out on the street and in the schools. or maybe at work. As people of faith we need to stand up and defend our women and girls.