Friday, April 5, 2013

Who's responsible?

   Lately I've been watching the news seeing a lot of murders of teenagers and even a six-month-old baby due to gang violence. It's a shame when you cut on your TV and hear about a 19-year-old killing a 15-year-old girl who was just standing in the park with her friends to gang violence. That's sad to me. So the question is who is responsible for these violent acts? I'm afraid to say but us.

   Every time we hear about violence in the city we always say the devil is out.  We give him the power to influence over our youth with the music on the radio and some of these sinful TV programs on regular television.  Sometimes we think It's cute when we allow them to watch some of these inappropriate programs with us.  The world is moving fast with social media and with smart phones. Now even 10-year-old kids are walking around with them learning about things they shouldn't know at a young age.  Our today's youth think it's cool to take pictures of themselves showing off their body parts to others and think it's funny until something happens where the police have to get involved.

  Some of us think our children are mature enough to handle adult responsibilities. I personally have seen teenagers running the household and the parents and that's a shame. The devil's goal is to steal, kill and destroy. Some of our youth are not aware that they are in a spiritual warfare and the devil is using them to do his work. So the people of faith grab hold of your children and teach them about sin. Encourage the church to step out from behind their walls and reach the community and help encourage the youth. Keep them out of violence in the streets and help make a change. If you don't some of our children will continue to glorify sin like it's a trend, and there go's our future.  So stay bless brothers and sisters and always roll with faith.