Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Keltrius episode one, The break in!

   A young married couple was laying in the watching the news. The news reporter was telling everybody at home to be careful to lock your doors, because there was a lot of break-ins lately. The young couple decided to cut the TV off and go to sleep. Few hour later, there window blinds open up on their own. The couple was in a deep sleep and, didn't notice anything. Then suddenly the blinds close with a man standing over the couple with a evil grin on his face.

The next day Keltrius was at school, he overheard his friends was talking about the latest murder. They were saying, that a young couple was murdered in their home last night. Keltrius approaches one of his friends, and asks did the police catch the murderer? No they didn't Keltrius. They say there was no forced entry in the home, it's like the man just reappear and disappear when he was finished killing. Keltrius stands there with a a puzzling look on his face.  So later that night Keltrius transform into his spiritual armor and took to the skies. He flies to the last home was broken into by this mystery man. He dive down to the ground like a bird and land on his feet. He enters the home cutting through the police tape. He use his spiritual eyes to scan the room for anything out of the ordinary. He moved towards the window blinds and notice there was a evil presence there.

   Then suddenly the evil man appears behind Keltrius.  Keltrius turned around immediately with this sword in hand. He looks at the man with his spiritual eyes, and realize this man, is a demon. The demon tells Keltrius you will never stop us, God's Champion. Keltrius tries to immediately slice the demon with this sword, but the demon managed to disappear in time. The demon laughs throughout the home at Keltrius, saying I got to go Champion. Perhaps we will meet again at another crime scene I'm about to commit, and just like that the demon was gone. Keltrius flew out the home and was flying towards the skies. The next day in school Keltrius stop by his history teacher's classroom, John Holiday his Guardian Angel. He tell John there's a demon using his powers to break in homes to kill innocent people. John looks at him and say, it looked like you and me is about to go hunting tonight. Keltrius motion his head with a smile.

                                                               To be continued

                          The conclusion will continue on Friday, so tell me what you think.

                                 Stay blessed brothers and sisters and always roll with faith