Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Keltrius and the armor of God

     Here a sample of my self published book of Keltrius and the armor of God. I hope you guys like it and please give me some feedback.  The revised version will be out hopefully by the end of spring. Enjoy

   The world is in a bad place; people are losing their jobs, homes and the most important thing their faith in God. That's why in time of need God will send his Angels to help a young man develop his supernatural gifts to restore faith in the world. A woman named Anita R. Robinson 'Keltrius' mother. She will deliver him into the world not realizing that God has a plan for him. Young Keltrius will be tested through his journeys. A under covered Angel named John Holiday will help Keltrius to develop his spiritual armor, the armor of God.

   His story begins with his friend name Jimmy T Johnson, nickname 'Tank.'  One day Keltrius and Tank went to go visit their friend name Kevin Norton, a troubled youth. When they arrived to his house they heard some commotion from inside the house.  So Tank ran onto the porch and was peeking through the window being nosy. He could see Kevin's mom laying on the floor crying. Tank signal Keltrius to come here.  Keltrius was a little hesitant.  He shakes his head and look up to the sky and say I shouldn't be doing this.  Keltrius steps on the porch with Tank and was peeking through the window with him. They see Kevin's dad walking through the house drunk and yelling at Kevin's mom.  'Get up' stupid woman and fix me something to eat.  She struggles to get up but she wasn't fast enough for her husband.  He got very angry and kick her saying get up stupid. Kevin was in the corner witness all of this. 

   So a young Kevin decided to attack his father for hurting his mother.  His father managed to grabbed him in time and threw him against the wall.  Keltrius and Tank was in shock to see all of this.  As Kevin's dad approaches him, he tells him you are nothing boy you just another mouth to feed.   A frightened Kevin see his father get closer to him with fear trembling through his body.  Suddenly out of nowhere his mother jumps on his dad's back telling him to leave Kevin alone.  Kevin took the opportunity to escape from his father's clutches. Kevin dad got angry and threw his mother to the floor.  He see Kevin running pass him heading for the front door. He spotted Keltrius and Tank peeking through his windows.  He got very upset when he saw them and say I have some rats on my porch.  He quickly run to the other room to get his shotgun.  At the same time Kevin mom was on her knees praying for God to intervene.  When Kevin finally makes it outside he tell Keltrius and Tank we got to go now...   All three boys were running down the street.   Kevin's dad steps out on the porch drunk with his shotgun in hand shooting in the air.  That's right you run like a rat. You stay in the streets with your trashy friend's, do you hear my boy? You will never amount to nothing.  You just like your mother boy!  While the boys are halfway down the street hearing Kevin's dad yelling. Tank ask what's the deal with your dad? Kevin responded with hatred in his eyes, when he drinks he becomes a jerk. One of these day's I'm going to kill him.  When he said that Keltrius felt some negative energy coming from Kevin. It felt like a evil presence was by. When he looked over at Kevin he noticed his eyes were dark and empty.  

    Thank you for reading a sample of Keltrius and the armor of God.    
Tell me what you think of this superhero for Christ.  

Stay blessed brothers and sisters and always roll with faith.