Monday, April 29, 2013

Facing our giant's!

   Some of us wake's up every day and satisfy in our lives for the small accomplishments we made for ourselves.  "A get by life"  Have we all answer our calling in life? Have we all achieve our hopes and dreams? We wake up every day and get ready for work. We work 9 to 5 serving our bosses to keep our bosses satisfied of our performance. There's nothing wrong serving our bosses trying to make a living for our families.  But I notice one thing about myself, I really didn't put much energy on serving God, like I did with my boss.  Half of my adult hood, I always been a hard worker, showing up at work on time coming in with a positive attitude.

   But one day I realized I'm not just a worker for somebody company, I'm much more than that. I am a child of God. Yeah there are some of us who does love like their jobs, and some of those who hate these jobs trying to pay the bills but there's not enough money to do so.  The one thing I realized, that God gave us all a gift to use to help uplift others. But there times that we think we can make it with a brilliant idea, or with our God-given talents.  The problem is we limited God abilities to work in our lives.  Saying to ourselves, I don't think I can do it, that too much of a risk. We failed to realize at times that God is the creator of everything.  If God can move mountains and the heavens, what make you think he can't move anything in your life? God showed us what he can do in the natural with David.  He used a shepherd boy to take down Goliath with a rock, and soon afterwards that shepherd boy became king. What I'm saying today brothers and sisters, your Giants in your life can be defeated By God. And all you have to do is to believe in him, and have confidence in yourself. And don't be afraid to use your gifts that he planted in you. Once you realize that God is with you, nothing can't stop you.

     So stay blessed brothers and sisters, and always roll with faith.