Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm not perfect!

   I'm not perfect. I am a working progress sometimes I have to tell myself that. Society and sometimes religion have us thinking this way and that way.

  Society judge you on how you look and what you have and who you are about. Religion have us thinking we need to be perfect. If you don't go to church God will not listen to your prayers, or you're not serving the Lord. The world sometimes can be very hard on us when we make mistakes. But with God when we make mistakes with him he view them different than we do. That's because he already knew before we do. 

  He is more forgiving than the world when we mess up.  Like for example King David he committed adultery but still was in God's favor.  He went through some struggles but God forgave him.  Look at Moses 'God' used him to free the slaves from Egypt after killing a man in anger. If that wasn't enough God has sent his only son to save us from our sin. So when you make a mistake and think that God will not bless you 'think again'.  He knows that we not perfect but he doesn't love us less, in fact he love us more. So dust yourself off in prayer and say to yourself I am the child of the most high. Once you realize that it doesn't matter what the world think of you or the mistakes you may have cause. 'Who care.'  What really matters that God forgives you and continue loving you and showering you with his grace.  I'm not saying go out there and commit any more sin on yourself, what I'm trying to say when you do, asked for forgiveness. And just put it behind you because Jesus did when you gave it to him.  So brothers and sisters don't let nobody make you feel guilty, just tell them I'm not perfect but I am a working progress.  I am in God's favor.

 Stay blessed and always roll with faith.