Monday, May 20, 2013

A new hero is born!

    This is a public announcement for book lovers of all kinds. My first book "Keltrius and the Armor of God" the revised version is out now on Amazon Kindle for download. I wanted to share my vision of the Armor of God by creating a new superhero that uses the armor to fight demons in our world. The origin of Keltrius' story is only the beginning as he grows from young boy to man. The young hero will have challenges through out this three-part series that will lead up to the rapture and Armageddon. This well-balanced story deals with issues such as abandonment, teen pregnancy, bullying and physical abuse within a family. During his journey the young superhero will receive help from a undercover Angel. He will help young Keltrius develop his spiritual armor and become God's Champion for the people. So check it out on and download your copy  today and be the first to give me any feedback on your thoughts of my new concept, superhero.  As of May 24th for five days straight my book will be available for free download on Kindle! So spread the word to your friends and anybody else you think may be is interested in learning about the Armor of God.  I appreciate any support you guys can give me.  Stay blessed brothers and sisters and always roll with faith! 
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