Thursday, May 16, 2013

Information for writers!

   For the last couple of days now, I've been researching on publishing books. The information I found on self publishing versus traditional publishing was quite interesting. This information is for writers who are trying to get published and get their work notice.  Well Amazon has this publishing company called Kindle direct publisher, some of you probably already know. But for me it new. If I have known about this earlier, I could have been publishing my third book right now. But you live and learn.

   Kindle direct publisher is free for self-publishing e-books for Kindle. Right now Kindle is the hottest thing for book readers to have and author's to be known. The way K.D.P works is you to upload your manuscript into Amazon's Kindle through your Amazon account. Once you do that, your book will be published for the e-book Kindle.  There is a agreement you have to sigh with Amazon. The agreement stated that you cannot publish your book with anybody till after 90 days. That is another thing also, Amazon will give out free five day's download to customers who wants to read your book. You can split the five days up or you can have the five days in a row.  The researcher discovered with that wasn't a bad thing to do. The more downloads you receive, the more exposure you will have on your book. The one thing I discovered, and I do like about Amazon Kindle publisher.  Is that you can publish your next book right away when you're ready. Just make sure that you have a cover for your book and it's ready for publication. When your books are out there on the Kindle e-book format they will market themselves. If you get a good review more, likely your readers wouldn't mind spending 2.99$ on all of your books. The more books you have out there the better expose you have, and Amazon is known for marketing books.  There are news authors making a name for themselves through the Kindle and making big bucks. Some of the authors on the Kindle was so successful that they made it, to the bestsellers list. 

  Some of them was approached by traditional publishers, but they decided to stay self published. And their reasons why they decided to stay self published instead of traditional publish, because they can make more money and publish books faster. Amazon Kindle direct publisher is a free service that only takes three easy steps to publish your book to Kindle e-book.  Now if you want to have your book in print, Amazon does have a company called create space. Now if you like to write short stories? Amazon has this new thing called Kindle singles. They only accept manuscripts between 5000 words to 30,000 words.  I'm seriously thinking about publishing my next book through Kindle direct why not, it's free.  All the information you need to find on Kindle direct publisher is on YouTube and on Amazon. I hope that some of the research I found was helpful for you guys who are trying to get their message across.

               So stay blessed brothers and sisters and always roll with faith!