Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Change your way of thinking!

    Have you ever run into somebody that you know is always in a negative mood? A know I have. They always say I'm not deserving, I messed up with the Lord. The Lord doesn't count how many times you messed up life, in fact he love you even more. When you drop to their knees and pray for forgiveness at the throne you are honoring your father in heaven. And just like that at a drop of a dime, you are forgiven. Sometimes we forget how much God loved us, he is not selfish, he doesn't hate us for not being perfect all the time. But he does love us so much, that he send his only son to save us.

   When Jesus came to earth he knew that his father was there for him, even when he was angry at the people from what they have done disrespected his father's home. But that incident didn't stop Jesus for saving us. We as God's people need to remember to adopt that attitude. You going to make mistakes, and God knows it. But that doesn't stop him pouring out favor on you. We are unique to him in his eyes we need to stop thinking about the world, and start thinking about his love for us. Even though we mess up 20 different times, God give us 100 times to get it right. When you accept  Jesus in your life as you Lord and Savior, all the wrong and mistakes you have done are wash away. You are brand-new in his creation. So stop beating yourself up and say, I am mighty in the Lord, I am the child of the most high. Feed the spirit and starve the flesh because you're warriors in God's kingdom.

                         So stay blessed brothers and sisters and always roll with faith