Friday, May 3, 2013

Keltrius episode two, The Break in!

    Keltrius and John was patrolling the streets. John was on the ground driving looking for any suspicious activities in the neighborhood. Keltrius is in the sky using his spiritual eyes to scanning for demon activities as well. The demon was walking through the neighborhood and spotted another home to break in. He's not aware that, God Champion in his Guardian Angel is looking for him. The demon stare at the home with a devious smile.

   The home is occupied with a single mother trying to put three year old baby to sleep. While she is trying to put her baby to sleep, she had the television on the news station. Reporter again was telling everybody to be careful, to lock the doors. While the young mother back was turned the, demon was standing behind her hiding in the shadows.  He wait patiently for her to finish putting the baby to sleep before he make any moves.  5 min. has passed and the mother was successful put her baby to bed. the mother walks to her bedroom brushing her hair. The demon quietly walks behind her and was trying to prepare to snatch her. Then suddenly everything around the demon was frozen in time.  He realizes this is a Angel trick.

   He tried to escape by disappearing, but it was too late for him.  John reappeared from thin air in the room with him. He reached in and grabbed the demon and disappear with him. Now both demon and Angel is outside the home. John yells at Keltrius and say, quickly.  Keltrius pull out his sword ready to send the demon back to hell. The demon was on his knees pleading for his life. Please, please let me go I promise be good. Keltrius looks down at the demon and say "no" The demon smiles up at him and say, you may kill me Champion, but long as mankind is selfish we will win in this war against God's creation. Keltrius swings his sword and sliced through the demon, saying you lose today. The demon instantly burst into ashes. John looked at Keltrius and say, you need to get God's people prepared for the great war, is to come.   

                                                                        The End
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                                     Stay blessed brothers and sisters and always roll with faith