Tuesday, May 21, 2013


One day somebody told me that you need to know your limits. When I first heard this it felt like such a let down and negative statement. I'm the type of person that believes in positivity and always striving to be my best. Everyone has goals and dreams that they would like to see come to pass, I know I do. Even if you're a struggling student, health care worker, parent, author, song writer or even an athlete. Some of us limit our potential in life based off of what people say or have said to us some where in our lives. God planted great seeds of righteousness in all of us. You have a talented beast inside you ready to come out to the world and show it what your made of. Some people work hard on a job that their not happy with and stay there year after year. Why not work just as hard on developing your gifts from God? And do something that you'll love and be fulfilled with. The only person who is stopping you, is YOU! So why don't you take a good look in the mirror and say I am a champion, I am a Christian soldier. And kick fear right in its butt.

Stay blessed brothers and sisters and always roll with faith!