Friday, May 17, 2013

Keltrius and the Armor of God

    Hello everybody this is D.L. I'm writing this post to tell you a little more about me and my goals in advancing God's kingdom with my books. In 2007 I got my life together and started walking with Christ, ever since than I now know the true meaning of love. By reading the Bible every day I grew spiritually strong in his grace. Reading about his journeys here on earth and beyond. I was so amazed what compassion he has for us for taking our sins away.  Now I know the difference between love and true love. He has shown me how to be a better man, and a better husband and father. His words speak to truth in our lives every day we wake up. His grace is so warm to our spirit, it keeps us warm even in the winter time.

  God has so much love and compassion for all of us, he wants us to thrive in his name. So one day I was sitting in my room drawing trying to figure out how can, I show God my appreciation for what he has done for me. I noticed there wasn't a superhero in the world like Superman, and Batman that represented Christ. One of the things I noticed talking to some of my friends about the armor of God, they didn't have a clue what the armor of God was all about. Ephesians in the Bible was one of the most interesting books that caught my attention. So I had a vision to create a superhero that uses the armor of God to fight in our modern world. I wanted to represent Christ well by making a new concept of a superhero that uses the armor of God every day.  So in 2008 I started drawing concepts of artwork of my superhero. After having a couple of drafts I decided to write a profile on this new hero. When I had finished writing I looked up not realizing what God had done, he had made me an author of a whole book series! I hadn't any experience in writing, in fact I didn't have dreams of becoming a writer. My personal goals were to be a graphic artist for my artwork, instead I found myself enjoying writing. Writing was one of God's hidden gifts for me. The one thing I learned about writing is, it gives you freedom to express your self.  In 2012 I decided to step out on faith and self publish Keltrius and the armor of God on a Internet site call blurb. They're a company that allows you to publish your book without any evaluation. Once you create an account with them you are responsible for editing your book and cover. If you already have a book ready to be published through them, you are just one click away publishing your book to the world. The only thing you would have to pay for is your book to be in their inventory. And that depends on the price that you set your book to sell for.

    When I published Keltrius in July I was so happy to accomplish my goal for advancing God's kingdom. I noticed shortly after the book was published I wasn't making any sales. I watched my book sitting there and was not getting noticed at all. I didn't have any marketing strategy at all and, still don't. But God did something. He didn't want to give up on advancing his kingdom. A month later my book was still sitting there. So I got a little discouraged until one day I checked my mail. After sorting my mail out I found a letter from a traditional publishing company. In that letter they noticed my book was registered in the Library of Congress. They wanted me to send them a manuscript of Keltrius, so I did.  30 days later Keltrius was a accepted to be published through them. Since I wasn't an establish author they wanted me to pay for the services they were offering. Money was an issue for me to publish with them, so I had to let the opportunity to go. But God still didn't let me give up. So I decided to listen to him and send my manuscript to a another publisher, and to my surprise it was accepted. But the same thing happened again they wanted some money too, up front. So here we go again back at square one. So I took a break trying to publish my book and the publishers and concentrated on spreading the word about my book on the blurb website.  A couple people I knew looked at it and were hooked. A few bought it but it still wasn't enough sales to earn any profit. So I went back and continued writing to improve my skills.  By the end of 2012 I decided to try one more time to publish the revised version of Keltrius with another company called outskirts press. Once again my book was accepted for publication. But once again they needed money up front as well. What they were asking for was kind of reasonable. But I didn't quite have all the money yet. So sacrifices were made for me to achieve this goal in my life.  I was sitting at this crossroad saying to myself, do I want to stay on this path of men or step out on faith again and walk the path of Jesus. So I decided to go with Jesus so I can become a new creation of success. The one thing I learned is when you set out to do something for God, he will see it through. So I'm telling you now brothers and sisters don't ever give up on yourself, if you do. You give up on Jesus. Just think if he gave up on us we would never be forgiven for our sins.